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Local Rules Updated (Tree Roots)

Following consultation with both the R&A and local Golf County Union the Golf Committee have reviewed and updated the wording of our Local Rule concerning Tree Roots.  The Local Rules have been updated and a full copy can be viewed on the Rules Notice Board, opposite the Golf Shop entrance.

Tree roots

If a player’s ball (or player’s stance) in the general area has interference from tree roots in the fairway, or in the rough within two club-lengths of the fairway, free relief is available under Rule 16.1b

Local Rules Updated April 19

New Rules from 1st January 2019

Golf England Shortlist, Workshop Presentation & Golf England website link on New Rules.

Please note Barnham Broom G.C. will not currently be adopting the “Stroke and Distance – Out of Bounds/Lost Ball ” local rule consideration, nor the Maximum Score per hole suggestion (these may obviously be utilised in friendly/casual play).

There is still some uncertainty about one or two rule changes but of course these will be resolved before full implementation on 1st January 2019.

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England Golf Rules Presentation

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