Captains Corner April Edition



Welcome to Captains corner April Edition

The men’s hole-in-one Phenomenon goes on.   Saturday 25th March saw Graham Jeffries Hole-in-one on the 11th Par three on the Hill.  Many Congratulations Graham may this form continue throughout the year for you.

I was invited along to the Junior A.G.M. On the same day. Clearly the Academy is in a transitional period at the moment. It was a well attended meeting, many parents, which is always a good sign, and many students in the 9 and under age group.   Alan Hemsley ably assisted by Gary Davies do a fantansic  job  catering for all ages. Over the past 8-10 years Barnham Broom has been blessed with many Talented golfers, some making their debuts on the first step to becoming Tournament professionals.  The Late Great Robin Brooks had no little input also,  into this last decade of golfers.  Will Farley, Giles Evans, Aaron Tillett,  James Tinsey,  Jamie Black, Charlie Walsh, Josh Bartlett, Haden Leeds Matt Alden, Liam Cossey  and more recently Ellie Brown representing her Country as well as County,  Tara Davis, Nicola Dazell  (the current junior captain) Megan Mann, Harry Bradfield, Charlie Woodward  Alex Field,  Ollie Underhill-Smith,  Tom Piper,  Ben Terry, Fred  2ll’s Kiddell  (sorry Fred)  Fred Pinkney.  The vast majority of these golfers have represented their County, a great Honour.  I apologise if I have missed anybody out,  Please let me know and you will get a special mention in next Months  Mardle.   Winding up the meeting we came to the Trophy presentation.  Prizes won over the previous Twelve Months and I felt very privileged to present these up and coming young people with their hard gained rewards for the past year.  I will be watching their progress with interest.

Roger Garwood